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With the upcoming release of the Diablo III PvP patch, people are beginning to wonder what Blizzard will be doing to balance certain aspects of the game. As it is now, DPS potentials are through the roof, CC abilities have very long durations, and survivability is lacking. So, what will Blizzard do to fix this?

Originally, I think Blizzard’s answer to this question was to not balance anything for PvP, and let people play PvP with the game as is. Jay Wilson even confirmed this at Blizzcon 2011. He specifically stated that they were balancing all skills and stats around the PvE experience, and that people will just have to accept that PvP will be unbalanced. Also, if you search for the answer to this question on the internet, you will find no official information on the subject. Thus, as of right now, we can only speculate.

My speculation is that bobby kotick will have to incorporate some mechanic into PvP so that people live longer. If PvP is implemented into the game without any augmentation to game mechanics, it will simply be a huge zerg fest and be extremely frustrating. Now, we all know what happens when Blizzard’s customers get frustrated and complain don’t we? Yes, that’s right. The nerf bat comes out. I think Blizzard will foresee this, and incorporate some type of mechanic to prematurely deal with the QQ’ing from people that are constantly getting beat up in PvP. What will that nerf (or balance) mechanic be? Here are 5 different ideas that may be implemented to balance Diablo III PvP.

1. Blanket damage reduction – Blizzard will implement a blanket percent damage reduction to all damage done. This will apply to all sources of damage so that elemental/magic skills or physical damage do not become more powerful than the other. Thus, by reducing damage done, people will live longer and QQ less.

2. Blanket health increase – Blizzard will implement a blanket percent increase to everyone’s health. It is easy to see how this will allow everyone to live longer.

3. Major overhaul and balancing of skills – I really do not see, or want, this to happen, but with the amount of time Blizzard is taking to release PvP, you have to wonder what the heck they are doing. All skills would be looked at from a PvP perspective and be rebalanced in terms of CC durations and damage output. These new balance changes would only apply in PvP, and would make the game seem more fair and balanced.

4. Separate set of items only usable in PvP – You will not be allowed to use any of your PvE items in PvP. You will have to acquire (or be given?) items to use in PvP. These items will have diminished stats so that DPS potential is severely limited in PvP. This is how PvP was played at Blizzcon. I think this could actually be a fun idea. Blizzard would start out by giving everyone a base set of armor that suits the class of the character. Then, as a reward for winning PvP matches, you will be awarded some type of PvP points which you can upgrade your gear with. However, this will decrease profits from the RMAH, so this will probably never happen.

5. A combination of any of the above mentioned ideas – More than one solution may be required to successfully balance Diablo III PvP. A combination such as a blanket increase to health as well as items only usable in PvP could be a possibility.

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