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Bay Area Wallbeds

In years gone by a four poster bed would have been considered the ultimate in bedroom luxury, but these days it is possible to choose something that reflects the more technologically-advanced age we live in.

By selecting TV beds for your home you can enjoy a product that looks stylish and caters for two needs – a high-quality bed and the ability to watch your favourite shows from it.

While you are sure to understand how enjoyable relaxing with breakfast television during a lie in or watching a late night movie from the comfort of your bed can be, you may well be wondering what advantages a TV bed has over installing a small television set in your bedroom.

Most people have limited space in their Bay Area Wallbeds and it can be very difficult to find a position for a television set where it is easy to see it while relaxing in bed.

That will never be a problem with a TV bed, as the set is built in to the foot of the frame, so it is right in front of you. The set will not be an obtrusive feature in your room, as it is housed in a hidden compartment and rises out of the bed frame via a quiet motorised lift system when you want to watch it.

The frames used for TV beds are of the highest quality, so you do not need to sacrifice comfort for your touch of luxury. Typically, they feature a stylish leather double bed frame that will slot nicely into any kind of interior design scheme.

You can also expect a hi-tech television set with your bed, as they are usually 26-inch HD-ready models, complete with Freeview tuners, from renowned brands such as LG and Samsung. The beds also contain compartments designed to hold DVD players and games consoles, so you can enjoy that eagerly-awaited box set or favourite video game without having to get up.

It is also possible to buy cheap beds with smaller television sets built in to the frames, which may just be the perfect choice for a stylish guest room.

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