Best Hair Care Routine To Be Followed

  • November 12, 2019

Hairs are very precious part of the body that enhance the personality of a person. But due to increase in pollution and hair treatments many people are facing the problem of dry scalp that results in in dandruff and hair loss. In order to keep your hairs healthy and hydrated it is better to follow a healthy routine along with ketowash shampoo use. There are various kind of hairs. Some people have normal hairs, some have oily, some have straight or curly hairs, some have wavy hairs on the other hand some can have thick and straight hairs. According to the hair type you have to follow the hair routine.

Following are the routine that is best for all kind of hair types:

  • Do not wash your hairs with hot water: it is also recommended to wash hairs with cold or slightly warm water. As washing hairs with hot water will lead to loss of moisture from the hairs and will make the hair rough and dry scalp. Even washing hairs with hot water will give your hair look dull.
  • Right time to use comb: it is better to comb your hairs when they are wet as it will be easy to get rid of the tangles easily. Use of wide tooth comb is best comb after the shower. Combing your hairs with right comb also makes your hair healthy. As if you are using wrong type of hair brush then it can pull off your hair and even can cause crack and turns them to get damaged. While using comb start brushing your hair from bottom. Never rush the brush harshly on your hairs it will lead to hair fall and hair damage.
  • Trim hairs frequently: it is always recommended that to always get your hairs trim after interval of time in order to maintain the health of hairs. As there is split ends in the hairs that does not give hairs a nice and healthy look. Try to get your hairs trim by every 3 months. Trimming will cut down all the damaged hairs and will give hairs a nice and healthy look.
  • Allow your hair to air dry: to maintain a healthy look of your hairs it is recommended to let your hair air dry not through blow the heat to of the blow dryers might harm the hair follicles. It even leads to the dryness to the scalp that will further lead to dandruff.
  • Give massage to hairs with good oil: though hair already have oils in it. But it is necessary to give a good massage to your hair whenever it is possible. As it will not only relax the brain but it will fill up all the lacking nutrients that your hair needs. Regular oily of hair make them look healthy and also helps in growing hair at fast speed.

Apart from all these things the most important thing that will contribute the most in the health of hairs is the shampoo. It is always recommended to choose the best shampoo that suits your hair and scalp. Ketoclean shampoo is one of mine recommendation.

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