AKTU 2020

AKTU Application Form 2020 Apply Online

  • December 3, 2019

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Uttar Pradesh will conduct the AKTU exam 2020. It is a state-level entrance exam conducted once in a year. All eligible and interested student can apply for the exam. Through this exam, students will get admission in government and private colleges of Uttar Pradesh. The Conducting Authorities will release the AKTU Application Form 2020 in the 4th week of January 2020. The Application Form will be released in online mode at the official website. Admit Card will be issued only to those candidates who successfully apply for the exam. Read the complete article for more details related to AKTU 2020 like Application Form, Eligibility Criteria, Examination Dates, Admit Card, etc.

AKTU Important Dates and Details

All students who are going to appear in the exam must know important dates and details of the exam. It will notify you in advance about every upcoming event. Check important dates and details related to AKTU 2020 in the following points.

  • Exam Name – AKTU/UPTU
  • Conducting Authority – Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Uttar Pradesh
  • AKTU Application Form 2020 Release Date – 4th week of January 2020
  • Last date to apply for the exam – 3rd week of January 2020
  • Admit Card Release Date – 2nd week of April 2020
  • Declaration of the Result – 3rd week of June 2020

Eligibility Criteria

A student must fulfill all the terms and conditions of the Eligibility Criteria to apply for the exam. Your Application Form will be rejected if you do not satisfy the Eligibility Criteria. Check AKTU 2020 Eligibility Criteria in the following points.

  • Nationality – Students of NRI/PIO/Foreign Nationals/ Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries and Kashmiri Migrants are eligible to apply for the exam.
  • Age Limit – There is no age limit for this exam.
  • Appearing Candidates – All appearing students are eligible to apply for the exam.
  • Minimum Marks – Students should have obtained minimum 45% marks without grace (40% marks for SC/ST category aspirant) in aggregate.
  • For B.Tech/ B.Des/ MCA – You should pass 10+2 with Physics & Mathematics as compulsory subject and Chemistry/ Bio-Technology / Biology / Technical Vocational as an additional subject.

Application Form

The Application Form will be released in online mode. In the application form, you will be asked to enter your personal details. These details include the Candidate’s Name, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Address of the aspirant, Email Id, Mobile Number, etc. Your Application Form will be rejected if you provide any kind of wrong information in it. You are requested to enter all details in the Application Form as per your certificate record.

How to Apply For the Exam

A student just need to follow below-mentioned steps to apply for AKTU 2020.

  • Go to the official website.
  • First you will have to choose the course.
  • Click on ‘Apply’ button.
  • Read all the given instructions carefully in the form and then click on ‘click here to proceed’ button.
  • Enter all the basic details i.e. contact details and Aadhar card number.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Fill asked details including education, personal, qualification, etc.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ tab.
  • Now upload the documents i.e. photograph and signature in the required format.
  • In last pay the Application Fees. Choose the mode to pay fee and submit it.
  • After successful submission of fee take printout of the filled application form and keep it safe till the completion of other procedures.

Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern will give you an idea about the difficulty level of the exam and also help you during the preparation. Check AKTU Exam Pattern here.

  • Exam mode – Offline ( Pen – Paper Based Mode)
  • Question Type – Multiple Choice Question (MCQs)
  • Language of Exam – English or Hindi
  • Exam Duration – Varies according to course
  • Marking Scheme – 4 marks will be allotted for the each correct answer
  • Negative Marking – There will be no negative marking

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Kindergarten in Gurgaon

Kindergarten: is it important to send your child there?

  • November 18, 2019

There are many families who do not simply understand the importance of kindergarten.  Well, do you think you are in the same category?  You know what to go to kindergarten is a vital step for your child. It is a procedure that is going to help your kids learns skills that they are going to build on throughout their life.

You can easily come across great school options like Kindergarten in Gurgaon or in your city or area. There are so many options int the present time that you would never find yourself lacking behind. Anyhow, once you go through this post till the end, you are certainly going to know much about kindergarten.

Why should your child join it?

At kindergarten, your child is going to develop in a social and emotional manner. The ability of your child to think, use, experience and recognize language and the fine motor skills are going to be polished via play, dance, music art, movement and interacting with other kids. Certainly, such a tender time do ask for these activities for the overall development of the kid. The most vital thing is that your child would be learning to turn out to be an areal learner as they grow and extend their communication skills, form up their self-confidence, learn to be innovative, and even grow the skills that help them with reading, writing, and even mathematics.

What are such schools for?

Kindergarten schools or even programs are particularly designed to improve your child’s development in the following main aspects:

  • Your child would learn social skills that are going to pay a lot of impact on him or her. they would learn how to play and perform with other children in a calm, sharing and worthwhile way
  • The child would learn about fresh and unknown things and develop respect and tolerance towards others.
  • It is apparent that emotional growth is very important. Once your child is going to kindergarten, he or she would express the emotions in a better manner and try to understand the emotions of others as well. Indeed, it is important that your child develops it timely.
  • A child would also work on his or her literacy language, and also numeracy skills, such as reading stories and counting objects
  • The kid would learn to act and react in a group. He or she is going to participate in group activities like music, art, learning, reading and so on.
  • Kids also learn to socialize with others and make pals. It is vital because society works like that.
  • The child is going to get a new horizon to accomplish. He would learn about fresh sets of things and exposure would give a boost to his ideas and thoughts. Certainly, creativity is going to begin to emerge in your child and it would enlarge as he grows.


 Thus, you should look for the best kindergarten in sector 48 Gurgaon or in your area for the timely and effective growth of your b loved child.

Blockchain Article

Top 5 blockchain applications in central banks

  • November 16, 2019

Blockchain is a decentralized database, shared across a distributed network of computers that are in the public domain. It is a list of blocks, or we can say records which are often related to cryptography and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain applications in various financial sectors like banking, financial institutions, stock exchange etc. have garnered much praise. With an initial purpose of a mechanism behind cryptocurrencies, today the blockchain technology has stepped far beyond just powering the bitcoin transactions. 

Many of the banks are trying out blockchain as they can use it for money transfers, record keeping and other back-end functions. Here is a list of top 5 applications of blockchain in the central banking industry.

1. Fraud Reduction

Blockchain has earned the reputation of a fast-emerging technology that would reduce fraud in the financial world. Fraudulent cases make up about 45% of defunct activities in the banking sector. Most banking systems in the world, built on a centralized database, are more vulnerable to cyberattack because once they come under the attack, hackers get full access. This technology would get rid of some of the current crimes committed online today against the financial institutions.

2. Verifying bank customers

Verifying the customers is necessary. According to a prominent blockchain magazine, central banks spend up to 600 million dollars to reduce money laundering and terrorist activities. They spend the money to make it mandatory for businesses to verify and identify their customers. Blockchain can play a significant role in this by making the verification process much easier. It will also bring down the costs of identification and make the system more robust.

3. Secure Payments

Blockchain could be highly beneficial in the secure payment process. It can provide central banks with higher security at minimal expense to process payment between organizations and their clients and also between banks themselves. Blockchain is the best technology that would get rid of all the distractions in the payment processing system.

4. Trading System

The very first use of blockchain in the trading system was seen in May of 2015 when Nasdaq launched Linq, a blockchain private trading platform that would allow private companies to represent their share ownership digitally. The trading system is one of the most popular blockchain applications. 

5. Smart Contracts

Blockchain technology provides a smart way for smart contracts as blockchain facilitates all kinds of data storage that require a digital representation. One can create smart contracts when the blockchain code is programmed and automatically executed based on the conditions of the program.   

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Blockchain technology can open new ways for the banking system by making it more suitable for faster and inexpensive transactions. It will avoid fraud transaction as transactions will not be in the knowledge of one person, but the whole organization will have information about it. Blockchain applications make the system more secure and transparent. Not only banks but many business organizations are also looking for ways to integrate blockchain into their operations. However, not many know what blockchain is all about. Therefore, people need to be made aware of the advantages of this extraordinary technology. 

What does a network administrator do? A behind the scenes look

  • November 14, 2019

You have always had a solid understanding of how computers work and are available to your family to deal with the technological problems – even imagined – (“Did you try to connect your first printer, mother?”). But now is the time to start thinking about your future career, it seems natural to consider a career in info technology. Under the authority of IT roles, one role stands out in particular: the network administrator.
But what does a network administrator do? Despite your general technological knowledge, there is a lot about this role that you may not be familiar with.
What exactly is a network administrator?
A network administrator is answerable for keeping an organization’s computer network up to date and operating as intended. Any organization that uses many computers or software platforms needs a network administrator to coordinate and connect the different systems. It sounds simple enough, but there is another everyday IT job you can answer for: system administrator.

So is a network administrator the same as a system administrator?

what does contact your network administrator mean, In short – not really? But the lines can be blurred depending on the work environment. Sometimes IT careers can take a page from the rules anyway who the line is? – “If titles don’t matter and roles are created!” Although this is a bit excessive, in many smaller organizations, the terms “network administrator” and “system administrator” are often interchangeable because they cover the same tasks. That being said, the changes between network and system administrators become much clearer in large organizations. The best way to make a difference between the two is to analyze the kind of work I do – so let’s dig deeper.

What are the service roles of network and system administrators?
As I said, the roles of a network administrator vary considerably, depending on the organization in which they work.
Here are some examples of network and system administration tasks
· Configure network hardware, such as servers, routers, and switches
· Modernization and repair of computer networks
· Network troubleshooting
· Assistance of network architects in designing network models
· Implementation and modernization of software
· Administration of servers and their operating systems
· Implementation of security measures and necessary testing
· Managing storage on the cloud and physical network

What is the salary and employment prospects of the network administrator?

It is excellent to take the opportunity to work with computers and technology, but the pleasure alone does not pay the bills. Fortunately, the career prospects for network administrators are very stable.
The commitment of network and system administrators is expected to increase by six percent by 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 1 is equal to the national average for all occupations. The BLS notes that though demand for network administrators and technology professionals remains generally high, there is the potential for technologies such as cloud computing and automation to reduce demand. As with most technology positions, you will need to keep abreast of technology changes and continue to develop your skill set to maximize your employability.

In that sense, you are probably asking yourself: How much does a network administrator earn? The BLS reports that the average annual salary for network administrators in 2017 was $ 81,100. 1 It is important to note that there are many variables at play when it comes to pay, such as education, location, and experience. But in common, network administrators can expect to get a comfortable salary.

What skills or characteristics do the best network administrators possess?

Of course, network management positions will require substantial technical proficiency, but there are more jobs than knowing your stuff. Here are some of the most common non-technical skills that will benefit you as a network administrator:
Analysis and critical thinking
Network administrators need to explore and solve problems logically and consistently. “[The ability to take the concepts you learned in school and understand how other concepts work and affect is the essence of being a network administrator,” says Brad Meyer, systems administrator at TechnologyAdvice. Even if you don’t know the solution yet, he thinks critical thinking will help you get there.

Time management
Network administrators manage multiple projects, people, and problems simultaneously. This means that it is essential to be organized now and look to the future to prepare for what is to come. It’s like spinning boards – with little practice, a network administrator can keep everything balanced.

Interpersonal skills
Network administrators work with many people, from network engineers to help employees and end-users, explains IT consultant Eric Jeffery. He says that to bond the early among different groups of people, patience, and understanding are needed.

A unit of learning more
The IT field is no stranger to change – and new technologies can even put well-established network administrators behind the eight ball. This means that the best network administrators have a passion for learning, as they adapt to changing technological requirements. This desire to absorb more is also essential for the most mundane of everyday tasks – you will inevitably find problems you have never seen and the only solution is to start looking for potential answers.

Where do network administrators work?
Network administrators are needed for almost any industry. To demonstrate this, we use post-analysis software from Burning-Glass.com to examine over 108,000 network administrator posts posted last year and to identify key sectors that are hiring network administrators. Here’s what I found:
· Computer systems design and related services
· Technical Consulting Services
· Colleges, universities and vocational schools
· Architectural, engineering and related services
· Insurance operators
· Healthcare

As you can see, getting a degree in Network Management means that you will have many options in choosing a field.
Do you want to become a network administrator?
Network administrators play an essential role in the IT department of any organization – they keep the technology that connects our devices running safely and with minimal downtime. Knowing what a network administrator is doing is just the beginning of your search for an IT career. You also need to understand what it takes to become one.

Math’s model for class 6 CBSE

Things to be aware about class 6 Math

  • November 12, 2019

The 6th class study material for CBSE studies is based on the NCERT curriculum. It provides a comprehensive view for the students to clear their doubts and enlighten the concepts. The solutions are provided in PDF format as the students need to keep them handy and refer when there arises a need. This is a healthy measure to exercise in the offline mode. The syllabus for the students becomes challenging and complex for the students. The right form of assistance is needed in order to overcome the panic and shine in their respective fields. As far as NCERT books are concerned the solutions are prepared in a manner to assist students in speeding up process of learning.

Some striking features of Math’s model for class 6 CBSE students are as follows

  • Easy to formulate class 6 CBSE question papers in both the online and offline mode
  • Suitable and detailed explanation for each student
  • The course curriculum is developed by subject experts.
  • Free along with latest solutions for the existing academic session
  • Available in PDF format

The NCERT books along with NCERT solutions are recommended for all students. The reason being content in the book is formulated in a manner that assists students to grasp their ideas better. In fact, these books are written on the basis of the latest CBSE syllabus. Not only students can prepare them for their routine studies but even for the competitive exams. As a student, you need to follow a tradition to follow the NCERT exam and solve the questions well as to fare properly in these exams. Some of the popular syllabi of maths are whole numbers, data handling, fractions, knowing and understanding your numbers, algebra, ratio and proportion, geometry etc.

Certain chapters might not seem to be important, but it does not mean you will skip it. From the exam point of view this might not be important but have one eye on the future. A grip on all the subjects are essential so that you have command over the subject.

The benefits of relying on NCERT books for class 6 studies

In the NCERT books, you are likely to come across excellent solutions. They are formulated by experts who have a vast idea on this subject. All the solutions are provided by the experts in line with the latest syllabus. NCERT as most of you might be aware stands for the national council of educational research and training. A series of benefits arise from following NCERT curriculum that are as follows

  • The subject matter is prepared by specialized experts
  • The solutions are well researched
  • The concepts are simple and easy to understand
  • Goes on to cover all the subjects
  • Formulate as per the latest syllabus and is provided free of cost
  • The preparation strategy is efficient

It makes for a wise decision to prepare as per the NCERT syllabus and not opt for adding more books to your existing syllabus. As a subject matter expert, it is essential to figure out what an NCERT syllabus provides.