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In an astrological chart, the planet Venus is associated with how a person expresses their self in their relationships- especially in love, attraction and marriage. It describes how beauty is appreciated and interpreted by the person and also how they relate to others. The sign of the Venus is often the same as the Sun since they can never be more than forty five degrees from each other. In the cases when the signs are identical, the behavior the person has towards people in general translates into their romantic life. If the signs are different, there is a disparity between how they treat people in general and how they treat people they are romantically involved with.

Those who are born with their Venus in Cancer have an extremely sensitive core hidden behind a somewhat stoic exterior. Their nature is sympathetic and kind but they are prone to moodiness. Though they feel a need to be in a relationship and are capable of much tenderness, they know how easily wounded they are and try to protect themselves with caution. When they do form an attachment, there is a tendency to treat their partner in a nurturing fashion. They are also likely to cling to this relationship as it is their stabilizing influence in a turbulent world. People who don’t want to be needed should avoid a relationship with someone with their Venus in Cancer.

Relationships are all about stability and security to those with their Venus in Cancer. They need their partner to give ample evidence that they are feeling the same way and that the relationship matters to them as well. The home is their castle, a place to be safe and recharge their energies. If the partner helps to achieve this picture of domestic happiness, the Cancer will then turn their attention to making sure that all of the partner’s physical and emotional needs are being fulfilled. When this person shines their light of affection and love onto a person, it is a bright light indeed. Unfortunately, not everyone likes to be in the spotlight and some people may be turned off by all of the attention and neediness that is coming their way.

If this person feels hurt, they tend to sulk about it while they pretend it didn’t matter. They are so easily hurt and have such high expectations for their relationship that there are going to be disappointments and wounds to heal. This person derives their sense of stability in the world from their relationship and if that is missing, the partnership will crumble. It is likely that this person will strike out numerous times before they find someone that offers that stability. In that case the relationship will be long lasting (often for life) and utterly faithful. The person who has their Venus in Cancer doesn’t like to rock the boat and will be content with weathering the storm together as long as it feels like they will be safe with their partner at their side.

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