Complete Step By Step Guide To Put In Your Coloured Contact Lenses

  • November 11, 2019

The effect of coloured eye contacts is nothing short of amazing. You get to change or enhance your eye colour at will. And the best thing is that you can go out every day with a new look. These are the perfect tool to capture the attention of passersby, friends and colleagues.

Along with enhancing your facial appearance and adding a splendid spark on your eyes, you can use the special events and festival. Yeah, you heard me, coloured contact lenses are perfect for Halloween and Cosplay. After all, how are you supposed to look exactly like the character you want to dress up like. Moreover, coloured contact lenses are also being widely used for vision correction. No one likes to let go of lifestyle and fashion.

Now that you are here, I bet you have already got yourselves a pair of coloured contact lenses or at least decided to. That said, it is very important that you learn to put your coloured lenses on your eyes correctly. For new users, it is fairly difficult to put in coloured lenses correctly and feel discomfort, or just keep on trying again and again.

So we are going to discuss today how we can put contact lenses on our eyes expertly.

Know The Basics First

Before you put on your coloured contact lenses on your eyes you must know how you need to use them. It is crucial that you buy the best quality contact lenses from a reputable store, online or physical.

Secondly, you have to make sure that you have got the right coloured lenses you ordered online, nothing is missing or not exactly what you ordered. The use of coloured lenses such as the dark grey contact lenses also requires to be kept safe.

By safe we mean that you need to store them in the contact lens storage case or vial and away from cosmetic products. The more you care about your coloured eye contacts the safer it is to use them


How To Put In Coloured Contact Lenses Like An Expert

Putting in coloured contact lenses for newbies has been a major issue. So we have listed down all that is needed for you to expertly put in the coloured lenses in your eye.

  • Wash your hand, hygiene is important. You do know that coloured contact lenses are medical devices that are used to decorate your eyes. That is why it is crucial that you absolutely maintain hygiene. Otherwise, the lens will cause discomfort even after you place it perfectly. So just wash your hands with soap and wipe it with a lint-free cloth.


  • Check your coloured contacts. Have a look at your coloured lenses after washing your hands. If you have been using them for a day or two, just check if there is any debris or particles that needs cleaning. Also, if they are completely new you are required to dip them in the disinfectant solution for an hour or two.


  • On your index finger and thumb place the lens cup side up. With your clean hands, pick up the lens and place it on top of your index finger and thumb. Make sure the cup side is up.


  • Hold up the upper eyelid of your eye. In order to put in your coloured contacts, you need to enlarge your eye so the lens could settle in easily. Just hold the upper eyelid with the other hand.


  • Hold down the lower eyelid. Now just like the upper eyelid, you would need to hold down the lower eyelid to complete the operation “enlarge your eye”


  • Put in the coloured lens now. Now that your eye is large enough, you can just put in the coloured lenses on your eye. There are two ways to put in the contact lens, either on the iris, which is quite difficult or on the side of the eye and then blink to settle the contact lens on the iris


  • Check how the lens is moving. Check if everything is settled right on your eye. Move your eye to check if the lens is settled and it is comfortable. Blink a lot and make sure everything is fine. Once you are sure, just do the same with the other eye.


Did you get all that? I hope this was helpful enough to help you put in your coloured contact lenses on your eyes.

Make sure you also follow all the other safety guidelines regarding your coloured lenses. Never share them with anyone, whether they are your friend and family and never sleep while wearing contact lenses. If you feel any discomfort while wearing these lenses then take them off and try putting them again. If the lenses are damaged, then you must not wear them at all.

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