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According to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the month of June is recognized as the time which brings national attention to accident prevention. This event is sponsored by the National Safety Council (NSC), a member of ANSI. Although June has been dedicated to national safety awareness, there should be no excuse not to complete a full safety check of your stairs, entranceways, and other areas that may welcome hazardous slips and falls during winter or rainy months. Safety prevention should be reviewed and practiced all year round. The incorporation of rubber stair treads are an ideal solution to hazardous stair conditions.

Falls are more common than you might think. Ranked third among the leading causes of accidental death in the United States, deaths from falls are a growing safety concern as the nation’s population ages. The NSC’s article on “Falls and Prevention in the Workplace”, is a great reminder that stairs and walkways should not only be clutter-free, but should be kept clean and safe to prevent injury. What makes most sense is to ensure stairs are slip and fall preventable.

wood stair parts, especially during the winter and rainy months, can present a huge opportunity to fall victim to an unsafe, hazardous, preventable accident; as a matter of fact, it is fairly simple to prevent injuries and lawsuit. Converting dangerous stairs into a safe environment is effortless with the use of rubber stair treads. Rubber outdoor stair treads offer the perfect solution for preventing serious accidents. Fully tested stair treads when exposed to extreme conditions make the rubber treads ideal for winter and rainy season, while still maintaining non-slip traction all year round.

The basic function of rubber stair treads is to provide a surface that resists slipping and falls on an outdoor stairway. A simple stair tread can actually convert dangerous stairs into a safe environment. Slips and falls on staircases, front porches, and even ladders can cause a long list of injuries and sometimes even death. Safe stairs starts with one word….Prevention.

The type of stair treads that you choose should match the type of step you are applying them to. Your stairs should be protected from any kind of wear and tear, and rubber, in this case, usually does the trick. Rubber stair treads are very durable and work perfectly in saving your stairs from damage, as well. Applying nonskid or slip resistant materials to outdoor steps helps prevent accidental slippage during unwelcomed weather. Also wearing slip-resistant footwear, like rubber soled shoes when working in a hazardous area can help prevent slips and falls. Rubber stair treads are available in select stores or online. Set the trend for safety and analyze your safety hazards today.

There are many options in preparing your work and home areas for prevention of slips and falls on stairs, but you have to do the elimination method and see which material works best for you. Don’t be anxious facing a task that you can follow simple directions for installation. Rubber stair treads are a material which take no time to be installed and gives you a problem-free, maintenance worry as they stay in place. There are many other types of stair treads – you want to pick the ones that best meet the needs of your safety challenge.

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