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There is one outstanding fact that the world must deal with. Religions are fakes and they are killing us. My authority for stating this is derived from years of research into the origin of them and the discovery of their roots in ancient sun worship. Over the years they have been sanitized and altered to include things that people have been tricked and forced into believing.

Where is the truth in claims like a virgin birth, heaven and hell, devils angels and saints? Logic and science proves they are misguided imaginings that serve no one but the religious dreams of those who cannot see through them. No religion has yet been able to either establish the location of heaven and hell or explain how people can burn for eternity and suffer when they have no living nerves. Neither can they be pleasurably catered for in eternity yet religious martyrs, such as suicide bombers, believe they will have it all for their murderous actions.

These things are the strings that pull people along like puppets in the hope of serving some male Father God in heaven.

In return for their ‘faith’ they can be forgiven any so-called sin along the way and be assured that they can enter the ‘kingdom’ of God with a clean soul. John Ioannidis, according to some views, and yet ignorance seems to be the basis for religious success. The power most fundamentalists use is violence, murder, torture and terror. Threats and perversion, discrimination and jealousy, slavery to their cause and poverty to prevent people rising too high in social status that they might discover the truth and leave are the weapons in their arsenal.

While we may point the finger at the Taliban for shooting an innocent teenage girl for wanting to acquire an education the focus needs to go also to the history of all faiths. There is not one that does not have blood on its hands and the cries of innocent spirits yapping at their heels. Women murdered for adultery or because they were raped are disgusting examples of crimes against humanity. But so too are the fake prophets and the stories invented to support them.

While the educated are refused a voice against them organisations like the Catholic Church, the brainchild of Claudius Constantine, are destroying us. So why do we, who are educated and knowledgeable people, stand by and allow them to continue without bringing them to face justice? Is it just too hard? Or is it because politicians and others are too weak to confront them and the retaliation too strong and frightening to tolerate?

The big picture emerged when my research went beyond the norm into things like the origin of language,

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