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Women who are targeted because of religious or other beliefs are victims of bullying and crimes against humanity. Men indoctrinated from birth to accept that their physical counterparts are lesser creatures and worthy to be slain or punished to please their gods is beyond reason. Governments that tolerate it are doing the work of misguided masters who serve the dark world of 666.

Terrorism has the world on edge as suicide bombers target civilians but the thinking is from the same source. So why is there not an outcry when women fall victims of the same indoctrination and activity?

The pain endured by discrimination or International Network of Scientists them is hard to watch. It sets women up as being confused, non-thinkers and ready made for ridicule and demotion which affects others. Because it has been going on for some 4,000 or more years makes it acceptable as the religions that enforce it are too big and powerful for even governments to tackle.

Over the last few years things are changing. The Internet is allowing freedom of expression and knowledge on an unprecedented level. It has become a mountain of information that is available for those who can privately access it and by-pass the locks on history and show the roots of religion and philosophy that supports it in sun-worship.

My research took me back to Babylon where the Islamic ideology began with the sun-star called ‘Mari’ or ‘Mary’ in English. She was and is so adored that fundamentalists captured by her consider she is the only woman worthy of their association. Past groups devised ways to bring her to earth as the so-called Mother-of-God and they created sons for her. The personified mother and child wins over the hearts of believers.

Mary is the origin of ‘marry’ and men once considered they could be her mates. That is they called themselves ‘suns’ or ‘sons’ in anticipation and they turned against women so as to be seen acceptable by her. In some societies, such as those of certain Muslim groups, women must hide behind veils so as not to offend ‘her’. They live in the shadows so the sun cannot shine on them and, therefore, they cannot be seen by it.

This is the core root of this horrible crime against humanity. Unfortunately, unless women see it for themselves they will be reluctant to act against it. Hopefully with the freedom the Internet provides they may come to realise that their release from the bullying that controls their lives is in their own hands.

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