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The social media systems and the search engines are in a war to find out more about a user. This may sound flattering but it really should not sound flattering at all. It should sound dangerous and troublesome to a person. This is because the social media systems and the search engines are trying to find out more and more about a person so they can use that information to advertise products or services or sell that information to third party advertisers that want to sell products or services to them.

The major war these services are fighting is the “Cloud War”. This means that there are many companies fighting to grab a large market share of the ability to put data in the clouds. In fact, one of the founders of a major search engine has said that he believes that all information should be free on the internet. However, he only said this because it personally benefits his company.

The truth is that the #hanikesh are not private. In fact, they have never been advertised as private. They are only advertised to clean up your desktop from that excessive data they hold. However, they will sort and sift through this information to find out things about their users so that they can sell this information to other people or use the information to sell products and services to the user.

The Cloud service companies will always do what is in their best interest as long as it is legal. This means that the Cloud services are only interested in safety up the point where it keeps 3rd party hackers or malicious users out of the systems. However, it does not mean the systems are private, because they were never intended to be private and they never will be private.

The winner of the Cloud service wars will be the winner of a lot of data on the internet. If the people thought the fight between Blu-Ray and HD DVD’s was a big fight, then they should wait until this fight is over. The biggest thing that the winner of the Cloud wars wins is a lot of information about everyone who uses their services.

A person should never have a doubt in their mind about the reason a Cloud service wants their business. This is especially true if the company does not charge a fee on the front end. The biggest prize in all of the war is the ability to understand and categorize a user into a demographic where they can be sold a product or service. This is the biggest piece of the pie that any one company can get. This is the most valuable asset that any business can have in their arsenal. The one with the most information about their user wins, because they can target specific ads to those users.

In conclusion, those people who are not careful when picking a Cloud service will quickly find that they have no privacy. They will also find a bevy of ads that are hard for them to resist because the offers are specific to them and their likes and needs. This is a difficult position to be in, and the Cloud service owners are seeking to pin a consumer into this with the amount of data that they will collect about their users.

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