It Wasn’t an Affair, Really!

  • August 3, 2020

At first it was like a passing fancy…then it escalated! Oh, boy! I was hit hard. I couldn’t get enough.

It had gotten so bad even my wife questioned if I was having an affair! I wasn’t! But, it seemed that way to her, and I’m sure others thought that as well. I really wasn’t! Well, maybe I was! Just not that way you think.

It wasn’t any one person. Nope! It was a whole group of them. What? Huh!

Yeah, that’s what most say when I tell them. Followed by “sicko”, “nut job”, and some other words I’d rather not say. Until, I shared with them what really was going on!

I blame it on social media. Yep, first Plaxo, then MySpace, then LinkedIn, ペアーズ ヤリモク,Twitter and some I left at the proverbial curbside and have long forgotten.

My need to socially interact online was consuming up my daytime and stealing me away from my loved ones at night. I was going from one social site to another posting about what, I couldn’t even fathom a guess any more. I’m hoping it was the purpose of promotion and nothing else.

Times have changed and I realize the errors of my ways.

Sort of like an intervention. When all your loved ones approach you and tell you, “you have a problem and we are here to help you through it”! Yes, I’m still on social media…but I’ve found a way to balance my time.

For those of you that are like I was… fully engulfed! You might find what I’m about to say a bit disheartening, maybe frightening…but your family and friends will be glad to see you again.

Limit your time! Or as I like to call it “my exposure”!

If you wish to stay on social media, hey, I’m all for it…I still do it…but, I do it responsibly now!

I limit my time to 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. No more!

To free up my time, I put all my posts on autopilot! I preprogram my posts to go out at selected times of the day and night and make it look like I’m still there for my social buddies.

But, I’m not! Nope, I might be at dinner with my wife, or at a movie with my kids or even on vacation at the beach. It’s a case of being in 2 places at once. The great fake out.

Hey, I’m not trying to deceive anyone…just trying to maximize my time and get the most out of life. Life’s to short to spend it in the virtual world…get out there and have fun.

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