Complete Step By Step Guide To Put In Your Coloured Contact Lenses

  • November 11, 2019

The effect of coloured eye contacts is nothing short of amazing. You get to change or enhance your eye colour at will. And the best thing is that you can go out every day with a new look. These are the perfect tool to capture the attention of passersby, friends and colleagues.

Along with enhancing your facial appearance and adding a splendid spark on your eyes, you can use the special events and festival. Yeah, you heard me, coloured contact lenses are perfect for Halloween and Cosplay. After all, how are you supposed to look exactly like the character you want to dress up like. Moreover, coloured contact lenses are also being widely used for vision correction. No one likes to let go of lifestyle and fashion.

Now that you are here, I bet you have already got yourselves a pair of coloured contact lenses or at least decided to. That said, it is very important that you learn to put your coloured lenses on your eyes correctly. For new users, it is fairly difficult to put in coloured lenses correctly and feel discomfort, or just keep on trying again and again.

So we are going to discuss today how we can put contact lenses on our eyes expertly.

Know The Basics First

Before you put on your coloured contact lenses on your eyes you must know how you need to use them. It is crucial that you buy the best quality contact lenses from a reputable store, online or physical.

Secondly, you have to make sure that you have got the right coloured lenses you ordered online, nothing is missing or not exactly what you ordered. The use of coloured lenses such as the dark grey contact lenses also requires to be kept safe.

By safe we mean that you need to store them in the contact lens storage case or vial and away from cosmetic products. The more you care about your coloured eye contacts the safer it is to use them


How To Put In Coloured Contact Lenses Like An Expert

Putting in coloured contact lenses for newbies has been a major issue. So we have listed down all that is needed for you to expertly put in the coloured lenses in your eye.

  • Wash your hand, hygiene is important. You do know that coloured contact lenses are medical devices that are used to decorate your eyes. That is why it is crucial that you absolutely maintain hygiene. Otherwise, the lens will cause discomfort even after you place it perfectly. So just wash your hands with soap and wipe it with a lint-free cloth.


  • Check your coloured contacts. Have a look at your coloured lenses after washing your hands. If you have been using them for a day or two, just check if there is any debris or particles that needs cleaning. Also, if they are completely new you are required to dip them in the disinfectant solution for an hour or two.


  • On your index finger and thumb place the lens cup side up. With your clean hands, pick up the lens and place it on top of your index finger and thumb. Make sure the cup side is up.


  • Hold up the upper eyelid of your eye. In order to put in your coloured contacts, you need to enlarge your eye so the lens could settle in easily. Just hold the upper eyelid with the other hand.


  • Hold down the lower eyelid. Now just like the upper eyelid, you would need to hold down the lower eyelid to complete the operation “enlarge your eye”


  • Put in the coloured lens now. Now that your eye is large enough, you can just put in the coloured lenses on your eye. There are two ways to put in the contact lens, either on the iris, which is quite difficult or on the side of the eye and then blink to settle the contact lens on the iris


  • Check how the lens is moving. Check if everything is settled right on your eye. Move your eye to check if the lens is settled and it is comfortable. Blink a lot and make sure everything is fine. Once you are sure, just do the same with the other eye.


Did you get all that? I hope this was helpful enough to help you put in your coloured contact lenses on your eyes.

Make sure you also follow all the other safety guidelines regarding your coloured lenses. Never share them with anyone, whether they are your friend and family and never sleep while wearing contact lenses. If you feel any discomfort while wearing these lenses then take them off and try putting them again. If the lenses are damaged, then you must not wear them at all.

fly Dubai online booking

How to Book Cheap Flights from Lahore to Dubai

  • November 10, 2019

Dubai is the capital of UAE and is considered as the primary business hub in the Middle East given that all the major corporations have offices there. The government of UAE also facilitates the corporations by giving them certain waivers from taxes and duties.

Apart from the major business hub, Dubai is also perceived as one of the most captivating places for tourists. Each year, thousands of people come to this attractive city either to spend their vacations or just to create some memories. Like many other countries, people from Pakistan also come to Dubai to do business or to find jobs. Well-off families of Lahore prefer to spend their vacations in Dubai to witness the charm of this marvelous city.

However, oftentimes, Pakistani people have to face complications while booking their tickets to Dubai. They either end up being tricked by expensive dealers, or they book flights that do not accommodate the passengers conveniently.

Here, we have come up with pragmatic solutions to all of your traveling problems if you are planning to visit Dubai. Read on to get the maximum out of this article.

How to Travel from Lahore to Dubai

Air travel is the best way to travel from Lahore to Dubai. Dubai is 1235 miles away from Lahore, and so, it takes around 3 hours and a half for the plane to reach there. However, if your flight is going to Dubai via Muscat, then the trip would be completed in 5 hours.

The departure destination in Lahore is Allama Iqbal International Airport, and the plane would take you to the Dubai International Airport. If you are planning to visit Dubai from Lahore, then you can book the tickets for the following airlines:

  • Pakistan International Airline (PIA)
  • Airblue
  • Emirates

You can book the ticket of all of these airlines through, Pakistan’s first and largest online travel channel. Faremakers not only guide the passengers about their destination but also offer the cheapest Lahore to Dubai ticket price.

How to Book Cheap Flights from Lahore to Dubai

Visiting Dubai and experiencing dazzling places is not possible for all the people due to economic restrictions. Furthermore, the hotels and accommodation facilities in Dubai are also quite expensive. Therefore, people try to find cheaper tickets to fly to Dubai.

If you go to Dubai through PIA, then the round ticket would cost you around $300. Similarly, booking tickets for private airlines would cost between 350 to 400 dollars. So, we can conclude that going to Dubai through PIA would be an inexpensive journey.

Diaspora of Pakistan in Dubai

Pakistanis are the second largest group in UAE after India and constitute about 12.5 % of the UAE’s total population. Astonishingly, Dubai alone is accommodating more than 400,000 Pakistanis. You must be wondering why Dubai has such a large population of Pakistanis!

It is because the people of Pakistan go to Dubai to find employment or to spend their vacations. They also go there to watch cricket matches as all the matches meant to be hosted by Pakistan are played in stadiums of UAE.

Economic Ties between Dubai and Pakistan

When it comes to bilateral trade, UAE is the second biggest partner of Pakistan. Of all the Pakistani workers in UAE, more than 20% are working in the white-collar profession, while the remaining 80% are associated with the blue-collar industry. Each year, Pakistani expats in UAE generate the remittances of billions of dollars.

Places to Visit in Dubai

If you want to fly Dubai online booking to spend your vacations, then it is vital to know the places of attraction in this fantastic city. These paces are responsible for attracting millions of people each year. From towering skyscrapers and bustling markets to the serene beaches and historical museums, Dubai has everything to stun the visitors. Here are the names of some of the places that you must visit while you are still in Dubai:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • The Palm Jumeirah
  • Burj Al-Arab
  • Dubai Museum
  • Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Aquarium


It is important to plan everything in advance to fully enjoy the itinerary to Dubai. Not only your trip would go without a hitch but you would also create a lot of charming memories. You can visit to get an in-depth knowledge of all the major destinations of the UAE.

Various Phases of Architectural Services

  • November 8, 2019

In the last 10-15 years, the structure blast has been worthwhile for design firms. During that time numerous commercial architecture firms picked up in-office experience as they stirred their way up from architect or employment skipper to extend chief. During that time a significant number of these people never stepped up and get their designers authorized.

While commercial architecture has its very own interesting way to deal with their work, it is essential to locate a home draftsman that has compositional administrations that met your requirements. You should be sure about your needs and objectives when you are looking for the privilege structural plan organization for your venture. Along these lines, you’ll make certain to get the engineering administrations that you need.

The commercial architecture assumes a significant job in the development of any structure or any foundation. Such administrations are best utilized in the field of development for advertising purposes. There is wide cluster of administrations which aides in making the best structures to improve structures, scene and so forth. Directly from the applied stage till the time building is developed Architectural Services assume a significant job. All structures can be made on PC through pre-assembled and plan to program like Revit Architecture, Auto CAD, 3D Studio Max and so forth.

Applied Architectural Design 

Applied commercial architecture is the main phase of any structure or Infrastructure development stage. Theoretical Design is typically made by an Architect where he plans a structure adroitly. Before Revit or Auto CAD appeared, reasonable structures were done physically on paper, in the type of portrayals and later drafted. Presently, with the number of programming accessible, today applied planning has turned out to be a lot simpler.

Development Drawing and Drafting 

After applied structuring is finished, the procedure of making Construction Drawings for the structure begins. Development Drawings are a set of drawings made to encourage the development stage. It comprises of complete drawings spreading over the whole building. This is urgent for precise development. It comprises Roof Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Sections, Elevations, Electrical Plan, Layouts, Site Plan and so on. These drawings can either be made utilizing Auto CAD or Revit.

Building Information Modeling 

Design Building Information Modeling is the most significant phase of any construction venture. This procedure makes development less tedious and diminishes costing. BIM basically implies the accumulation of everything being equal and information identified with the development of working in a solitary model. BIM practically gives a vibe of how a model will look and capacity after development. Revit Architecture is the most famously utilized programming to fabricate Architectural Building Information Model.

Design 3D Modeling and Rendering 

Architectural3D Modeling and Rendering is utilized for outwardly improving any model or building picture. Designers make a 3D Model utilizing Revit, Auto CAD 3D, 3D Studio Max, Maya and so on. These models are rendered to give a photograph reasonable feel utilizing V-RAY, Scan line and so on. These pictures would then be able to be utilized for showcasing purposes. One can outwardly improve Interior and outside, Sites, Landscape, Water bodies, sky and light, furnishings, items and so on utilizing this product. Compositional 3D Modeling and Rendering is being utilized widely by the structural firms, inside planning organizations, development organizations and so forth.

With a significant level of consummation working up with a strain to spare cost, usage of commercial architecture firms offers the most reasonable answer for the Building Industry.

Boston sushi restaurant

Finding the best place to have Global Delicacies

  • November 5, 2019

The world has now turned into a global village. This means that the boundaries are now slowly breaking down and nothing is getting limited to one single place. From food to culture everything is becoming global and that is giving people belonging to various corners of the globe to get a taste of everything. One of the major things that have broken the barriers around the world is food. Now, no food is limited to a single place and people belonging to Italy can enjoy Indian food and Indian people can enjoy Japanese food. For example, sushi is a Japanese dish that has become globally popular. People all over the world love sushi and that is led to the evolution of the dish to make it more attractive and tasty. Often, sushi gets a localized flavor to match the taste buds of where it is getting served.

If you are looking for a Boston sushi restaurant then you will have to be very careful and keep certain things in mind. The market is now filled with places that offer global cuisine. However, each one of them is not worth the visit. You cannot randomly trust any place that proudly claims to offer the best sushi in town at the most affordable rates. You need to research on your own before selecting any place. You need to check their ratings and reviews to understand how they have satisfied their customers. If you choose the wrong place to get your sushi from, your entire experience of having this beautiful dish will be ruined.

In order to find the best Italian restaurants in Boston, you need to follow certain steps. As the first step, you will have to prepare a list of places in Boston that offer Italian delicacies. You will find that there are both small and bug places that offer this cuisine and you should include both kinds of places in your list as it will give you more options to select from. You can prepare the list by taking the help of the internet or you can ask for recommendations from your known circle of people who love to have Italian dishes. If you are depending completely on the internet then make sure to be aware of places that offer the food at unbelievably cheap rates. Such places generally compromise on the quality of the food and thus offer such cheap rates. You should find a place with normal charges and high-quality services.

Once you have finished preparing the list you will have to compare the listed places in terms of their years of experience, expertise, and quality of provided services. These are all important factors when considering a restaurant and combining all these factors and comparing the places will help you to find a single place that will stand out among the rest. After you have found that place makes sure that it fulfills all your requirements and also matches your budget. You should look up the place online to check its ratings and reviews.

What can you expect in Kurtas in this Trendy World?

  • November 5, 2019

Do you feel that you love to wear different types of outfits? Have you ever tried out a kurta? Well, there is no doubt that kurtas can make any one look stylish and stunning. You can always find the options in kurtas that are wonderful, amazing and comfortable.

no scars neem face wash

Neem Face Wash: Its usage and how will it facilitate you?

  • November 2, 2019

Sometimes your gravest and most alarming problems are often resolved with easy steps. Yes, for several folks the trail of scars could be a chilling and ugly one. If you’re feeling that you just have scars and that they haunt you, then you need to do one thing regarding them. You need an option which guarantee that your skin is clean, safe and healthy.

You know with the modification in weather and also the enhancing pollution, tons of people are protestant regarding completely different styles of skin problems like disease of the skin, dry skin, dark spots and additional. Dark spots are primarily caused due to disease of the skin scars or that of the skin’s reaction to specific unsuitable merchandise. Whereas you perpetually pray for an ideal and clear complexion, the choice of going natural together with your skin merchandise is the best and most appropriate one. Neem, a healthful and effective plant is clad to be useful for the skin with additional benefits.

Though neem face wash is offered naturally, you would like a merchandise that retains the natural purity of this effective and fully supernatural plant and assist you to gain its advantages. No scars neem face wash is quite home-based facial that permits you to featherbed your skin. It assists you to fight all of your skin anguishes with none of the side-effects. If you don’t conform to this then scan on a number of the benefits of neem that underlines the importance of this wonderful leaf.

Natural neem face wash

If you think that that face wash doesn’t fit your skin otherwise you get rashes or roughness on your skin, then you need to begin employing a neem face wash that’s natural. If you explore No Scars neem face wash merchandise, you’d find them fully safe and effective for your skin. It’s, as a result of the face wash, is sort of natural and effective. You’d not get any form of facet effects ever. Moreover, the skin would remain swish, soft and fully snug.

The regular use of a decent and effective neem restorative goes to scale back blemishes, fight disease of the skin and even lighten your colouring to help you to induce a clean and problem-free complexion. As mentioned earlier then, neem has differing types of advantages that may facilitate combatting most of your skin problems. The neem restorative has quite numerous advantages which will be reaped over time. The regular usage of this product for a month goes to bring forth a positive modification in your skin.

How typically do you have to use no scar neem face wash?

Since the pollution is simply too several recently, you ought to use no scars neem face wash daily and if potential double during a day. You’ll wash your face with a neem face wash within the morning and before you get to bed. During this, your face would keep clean, recent and free from germs. The purpose is that the germs, particles, and pollutants you get throughout the day get cleared once you wash your face at night time once a protracted day. During this period, nothing stays on your face for an extended amount and therefore no form of marks, pimples or disease of the skin trigger.


Thus, once neem face wash will work wonders for you then why to crib regarding your face conditions? Bring neem facewash for your daily use and luxuriate in your best skin version with No Scars.

Top Five Thai Restaurant Albuquerque Nm

  • November 1, 2019

Thai restaurants serve amazing cuisines that reek with flavor, taste, and aroma. Thai food is loved not only by the local folk but by every food lover who has a desire to taste world cuisines. Food is something which makes a person travel around the world in order to get a sense of their style of cooking and presentation.

Top five Thai restaurant Albuquerque nm are as follows:

  1. Krung Thai Restaurant:

One of the best Asian restaurants in Albuquerque nm, Krung Thai Restaurant serves various traditional Thai dishes like stir-fries and Thai curry to its customers. Laos sausage, chicken satay, and tom yum soup is their specialty. Portion sizes are great and the prices are reasonable. The staff is friendly and courteous to the customers. Moreover, the owner is knowledgeable and has complete information about the ingredients used to prepare them.

  1. Pacific paradise:

Pacific paradise is one of the best Thai restaurants in Albuquerque with island-themed decor. The restaurant serves great Pan-Asian dishes including Sushi, stir-fries, and curries to its customers. Moreover, the customer service is great and dishes are served at a reasonable price. The chef has great presentation skills and has unmatchable skills of plating the dishes. The atmosphere is relaxing for a comfortable and quiet dinner. The restaurant also has a happy hour meal time which provides excellent food choices and tea selections to its customers.

  1. Jinja Bar & Bistro NE Heights:

The restaurant is great for family gatherings and small get together with friends. The dining area is well lit and has sufficient sitting area for gatherings. Food is served hot and fresh. Staff is attentive and gives food recommendations to the customers which proves to be of great convenience. The servers are fast with drink refills and are respectful to every customer visiting the restaurant. Kung pao chicken is one of their best dishes. Moreover, the menu has great gluten-free food options for its customers who want a healthy breakfast or dinner.

  1. Poki Poki Cevicheria:

Dishes served at the restaurant are inspired from Hawaiian and Latin style of cooking. The restaurant offers customizable poke bowls which combine various ingredients to create a nice and fulfilling meal. Customers can create their own meal by selecting the type of rice, curry, toppings, sauce and drinks to be served along with the main cuisine. The poke bowl concept is unique and attracts lot of tourists. The surroundings are clean with the walls covered with beautiful paintings. Moreover, the atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing.

  1. P.F. Chang’s:

The restaurant serves the best Margaritas which are unparalleled and cannot be duplicated by any other restaurant in town. Customers who visit the restaurant are mesmerized by the amazing interiors curated professionally by the owner. Soups are prepared using authentic Vietnamese style of cooking. Every item is prepared using by hand even the hand rolled sushi which is loved by one and all. Overall a nice restaurant with a family friendly vibe.

Out of all the above restaurants mentioned above, one must surely visit P.F. Chang’s which is a great Thai restaurant in Albuquerque. It is a great fast food chain which attracts local folk and even tourists who love to taste Authentic Thai dishes.