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bounce house rentals Scottsdale AZ

If you’ve got a child’s birthday party coming up in Provo, UT, you’re probably looking for ways to make it memorable without breaking the bank. Since Utah Valley is known for being a family location, you have a lot of options. You can go to Thanksgiving Point to the Dinosaur museum, up to Timpanogos Caves, or even Seven Peaks Waterpark on the east side of Provo. While these can all be fun ways to spend a birthday party, the require a lot of planning, logistics and can often become quite expensive.

One the best ways to create a party atmosphere that your kids will never forget (or stop talking about) is by getting a Bounce House Rental in Provo! These inflatable houses can keep kids entertained for hours and can really make a party stand out. Not only that, they can be set up in a backyard or grassy area, or even up Provo Canyon in one of the many parks located there!

While Provo bounce house rentals Scottsdale AZcan be extremely fun, there are also some safety guidelines that should be followed to make sure the kids have a fun-filled day void of injuries. Here are some basic safety instructions to follow with any inflatable:

How to Properly Use a Bounce House

The first thing you should do is to make sure you appoint a person (or people) that will supervise the bounce house the entire time it is up. Whether you are at a park, up the canyon or in a backyard, an adult should always be monitoring the kids to make sure their energy doesn’t get out of hand.

On the topic of setting up and taking down, make sure that you’ve thoroughly read and understood the set up/take down instructions before putting the blower in. Make sure the unit isn’t near any trees, fences or power lines. you really should have open space all around the bounce house rental to make sure it stays safe.

Next, you should only allow up to 5 kids in a Utah Valley bounce house rental at a single time. Split the kids up into groups before hand and let them each only jump for an allotted amount of time before switching. Also, make sure that you only let on kids of similar size and age at any given time. Big kids jumping with little kids is a recipe for disaster.

Before any of the kids actually get into the bouncy house, make sure that they take off their glasses, shoes, necklaces or any other objects in their pockets. Make sure nothing sharp is brought inside. Also, make sure to keep all food and drink out of the bounce house so kids don’t slip and hurt themselves that way.

Make sure you set some rules for safe play with all of the kids. Let the children know that they shouldn’t roughhouse or do flips. Also, make sure kids stay away from the entrance and try to jump an equal distance away from each other.

If the unpredictable Utah weather starts to get bad (i.e., windy, rainy or stormy) have all of the kids carefully exit the bounce house rental in Provo. If wind gets over 15mph, you should turn off the blower and take it down. Because of the two canyons we have in the valley, you’ll want to be very cognizant of the wind.

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