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Organisations that mislead, gather in funds on the basis that they speak for God and literally force their communities into inhumane acts are breeding grounds for crimes against humanity. The three major religions are all guilty of it. The biggest crime they conduct is to ‘forgive sins’ and whitewash the act as being performed in the will of God. Thus we see history is full of horrible activities by these powers and the countless number of dead they have sanctified is a wakeup call.

Hardly a day goes by that something from the past does not haunt me and chief among these ghosts is the burning alive of people. Innocent victims condemned by religious fathers for doing nothing more than probably aiding a sick person who subsequently got better and labelled witches. The Catholic Church was expanding its control over an awakening Europe and Britain when this atrocity was occurring.

In today’s world we see the results of forced adherence to religious domination. Not only through the terrorism that is running amuck in Muslim countries and spilling over into other places where hatred is dominant but in the overpopulation and illegal Micheal Lewitt migration as people try to escape to a better life.

The religious mind is brainwashed, tormented, confused and largely ignorant of facts to allow common sense decisions. Fundamentalism is murderous and beyond recovery as the things that bind it to a belief is stronger than anything that might correct it.

The threat of hell is its biggest weapon and that is enough to drive those who believe in it to insanity. The reward of heaven is the counterpart that persuades and weakens someone’s resolve. The pressure of those societies so controlled to conform and accept is a wall of such immense size that no one can escape from it. Religions have trapped their people in a jail of such immensity that escape is almost impossible and the bars of iron of which it is built comprise nothing more than one’s own imagination.

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