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The common mistakes that people always make when launching an Amazon affiliate site is picking the wrong niches. Almost everybody picked the following niches when they get into Amazon affiliate marketing:

1. Digital Cameras/camcorders

2. LCD TVs

3. Computers

4. Branded Watches

5. Notebooks/Netbooks

6. Hand phones like iphone, blackberrys, palms, etc.

7. Vacuum cleaners. Every neighborhood shops has a vacuum cleaner department, so most of consumers buy at shops in their neighborhood for this type of product than they do online.

The main problem with these niches is that almost everyone has a book reciew on these products. These are the products that they will mainly thought of first that are in high demand and worth promoting. They could get a lot of commission from selling those items. But what this means for you is huge competition, which is bad for your profitability.

So my advise is for you to find a more smaller niches like:

• Grills
• power tools
• bridal shoes

Find a product that has about 4000+ searches per month. You must make sure that the product you chose must have potential buyers for it. Try to write an article on it. Once you found one item that fits, find at least four more related products that also have 4000+ searches. So if you choose gas grill example, you would go back and make sure there are four other famous gas grills.

Now you have to write some articles about these five products. The simplest way to do this is to summarize what is already provided to you from Amazon. Amazon give you literally all the information you need for all the products out there.

It does not matter whether the articles are written by you or someone else, it is vital that you must have these information in them:

• Who – You must explain who the item is for. If you choose gas grill as an example, your gas grill would be for outdoor enthusiasts searching for a fast way to grill up meat patties for barbecues and parties. Product review website’s purpose is providing information to anyone searching to know if the product is suitable for them. So by attending to their queries, it helps confirm it for them(which means they are ready to buy and click your affiliate link)

• What – This will basically explains the outstanding features of the product that you promote.

• Why -You should be explaining why they should buy the particular product compared to something similar. Say something like ‘this gas grill is one of the easiest to start because of its auto-start feature. Stop wasting half the day trying to get those other gas grills started.’

Post the first article to your website, and add the rest of the articles on drip feed (for WordPress) so that they get posted automatically over a period of a couple of months or more. This will help to keep your site active over some period of time which is very good for search rankings.


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