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Spouse Not On Board With Your Work From Home Business Ideas? Here’s Help

  • October 18, 2020

Often times our spouses aren’t on board with our decision to start a home based business some advice of what you should do.

In my current home based business opportunity, I have witness one of our top producing ladies husband not been on board with her starting a direct sales business online. He was strongly opposed to her getting started in a (what he perceived to be “scam”) home business.

Here are some key points with regard to bringing your spouse on board and keep household peace:

A. Be patient with the opposing spouse. Realize that you are embarking up on a venture that is not the norm. Very few people engage in a home base business opportunity,though the numbers are rising.

B. Be humble. After you as a new home based business person is educated concerning the vast opportunity for personal development and financial reward that direct selling has to offer, temptation manifest itself in the in an arrogant manner. We began to talk down to our spouses because we feel that this arena of entrepreneurship is superior to any job on the planet. And while in my opinion,this is true,let’s be humble in the face of the skeptics.

C. Involve your spouse – if they are willing. That is, let them listen to live conference calls, let them go to meetings with you and see the excitement, the synergy taking place. You will be amazed at how many spouses have joined their spouses after having attended a network marketing training or event.

Lastly, of up most importance, become wildly successful. By you becoming financially successful, you will convert the skeptic spouse, in most cases. He/she will enjoy the financial freedom, the time freedom, the prestige and the trips that this best home business offers.

So, be patient with your spouse, be humble, with your spouse, if possible involve your spouse, and finally become very successful with your business and I’m betting they will not only change their opinion with regard to your home based business opportunity, but join your opportunity.


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