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Microscope parts 3d model!

The function of a microscope is influenced by several factors, such as its age, the intensity of its use, its quality/origin/manufacturer, and the behavior and responsibility of the user in using it.

Microscope will function unwell in the following parts:

1. Body part/body microscope, which is in the knob of macro meter where the objective lens tube is attached. The tube will always sink to the bottom, so that the focus of observation cannot be reached. While in the electric microscope, the knob of macro meter/micrometer that is located at the bottom of the body/under the object table often sinks to the bottom as well.

Other body parts of a microscope that are often damaged are hinges, unifying/ liaison between the microscope body and its feet (the case in the light microscope) that is often too loose, and adjustments of the microscope system that are weakened, so that each microscope part becomes less strong.

2. Lens part

Lens part is a very sensitive part of microscope. The lens could be eyepiece and objective lens. This part is very sensitive with environmental condition. The environment of user and where the Microscope parts 3d model! is saved are very influential on the cleanliness of the lens.

Generally, ocular lens is composed of two layers of the lens (top-down). Objective lenses range from two layers of lenses up to four or five layers of lenses in it depending on the size of enlargement.

3. Electricity system (for electric microscope type)

Electric microscope is a microscope that the reflection of its light source uses electrical current. The parts that are often damaged are a power source, fuse, peppery system/ down currents, lights, and other components.

Those three parts mentioned above include the general damage. However, practically, there are other parts of microscope that also can be damaged.


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