• November 14, 2019

You cannot deny the fact of being inspired by the alluring packaging of a product, because it pleases your sight in the first glimpse. Especially when it comes to the food industry, people adore beautiful packing boxes as much as they cherish the scrumptious food delights. A simple chocolate bar might appease your taste buds, but the same chocolates wrapped within a lovely packaging will be a pleasure to your eyes too. We see multiple outclass boxes of different food items in the market, which quickly attract our attention. People keep on looking for amazing packaging ideas for food items, especially cakes, chocolates and other sweets. Therefore, we bring you these ten wonderful ideas for remodeling your muffin boxes. So, have a look:

1. Try New Styles:

The easiest way to change the packaging boxes of your products is by trying new and different styles. While designing muffin boxes wholesale, you can experiment with various styles and patterns to make your boxes unique and attractive. There are a lot of templates and tutorials available online for making boxes. Like, you can try stylish rectangular or other shapes for your boxes to make them different from the standard square boxes. 

2. Use Varied Materials:

Secondly, as people can get bore with a single type of packaging, so you can bring a change by using a variety of packing materials for designing your boxes. There are a lot of raw materials available in the market which can be used for custom food packaging purpose, like cardboard, corrugated paper, aluminium, plastic etc. So, if you have been using one particular material for your boxes for a long time, think of impressing your customers with a new one. 

3. Vibrant Color Schemes:

Colors hold power to entice different emotions in people, and they can always be a great tool to market your brand and attract customers. You can use vibrant color schemes for your muffin boxes packaging which can be as appealing for the people as tempting are the tasty muffins. Try catchy colors like, yellow, pink, red or a combination of any of the beautiful colors to make your boxes stand out among others. 

4. Simple is Impressive:

Colorful packages can surely attract your customer’s glance, but they will fail to impress them if not arranged and designed in a simple and elegant manner. Too much fancy and tacky boxes are not loved by a lot of people, who instead look for a minimalistic and decent packing. So, you can replace the overloaded design of your muffin box with a trendy yet elegant one. 

5. Integrate Your Product:

An impressive packaging is the one which perfectly resonates with your product, as it is the first element to engage the customer with the product. Integrating your product with the package can always be a great idea. In terms of the muffin packing boxes, you can try this idea by printing the pictures of muffins or adding some lovely/humorous quotation about them on the box for impressing muffin lovers. 

6. Decorate with Handmade Crafts:

Another great idea for transforming your muffin packaging is by adding embellishments and details. You can also try your aesthetic skills by making some handmade crafts for these boxes, like paper flowers, fabric work etc. It will surely make your boxes a lot different and beautiful. 

7. Paint it Out:

Painting is always a wonderful way to play with colors, and you can certainly use this skill for redesigning muffin packages. You can prepare simple white cardboard boxes and can paint them with lovely colors to make them beautiful. Your customers will not refrain from appreciating this out-of-the-box effort for creating special muffin packages. 

8. Make Transparent Boxes:

You can also try this great idea for renovating the packaging for your delicious muffins. You can design transparent boxes which will be a good change for your customers. The transparent boxes will be a unique packaging to impress your customers for they will not have to wait to see muffins after unboxing, and they will be visible to them from the outside. 

9. Craft Handy Packing:

People always appreciate those packaging designs which are feasible and easy-to-handle. Therefore, you can replace standard muffin cake boxes with smart and convenient packing, like gable boxes with handles, or boxes with lids. This will not only bring innovation in your boxes but will also be an excellent chance for the customers. 

10. Add Creative Tags or Giveaways:

Adding some creative tags or complementary giveaways is an amazing way to refresh your standard muffin packaging. You can use simple, colorful tags with a saying or simple tagline, like ‘keep smiling’, ‘enjoy the meal’ etc. to please your customers. Additionally, you can add some sweets or chocolates in the box, which will make them different from all others. So, do not miss a chance to make your muffin packaging boxes more striking and amusing by trying these simple yet trendy ways. 

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