Top Five Thai Restaurant Albuquerque Nm

  • November 1, 2019

Thai restaurants serve amazing cuisines that reek with flavor, taste, and aroma. Thai food is loved not only by the local folk but by every food lover who has a desire to taste world cuisines. Food is something which makes a person travel around the world in order to get a sense of their style of cooking and presentation.

Top five Thai restaurant Albuquerque nm are as follows:

  1. Krung Thai Restaurant:

One of the best Asian restaurants in Albuquerque nm, Krung Thai Restaurant serves various traditional Thai dishes like stir-fries and Thai curry to its customers. Laos sausage, chicken satay, and tom yum soup is their specialty. Portion sizes are great and the prices are reasonable. The staff is friendly and courteous to the customers. Moreover, the owner is knowledgeable and has complete information about the ingredients used to prepare them.

  1. Pacific paradise:

Pacific paradise is one of the best Thai restaurants in Albuquerque with island-themed decor. The restaurant serves great Pan-Asian dishes including Sushi, stir-fries, and curries to its customers. Moreover, the customer service is great and dishes are served at a reasonable price. The chef has great presentation skills and has unmatchable skills of plating the dishes. The atmosphere is relaxing for a comfortable and quiet dinner. The restaurant also has a happy hour meal time which provides excellent food choices and tea selections to its customers.

  1. Jinja Bar & Bistro NE Heights:

The restaurant is great for family gatherings and small get together with friends. The dining area is well lit and has sufficient sitting area for gatherings. Food is served hot and fresh. Staff is attentive and gives food recommendations to the customers which proves to be of great convenience. The servers are fast with drink refills and are respectful to every customer visiting the restaurant. Kung pao chicken is one of their best dishes. Moreover, the menu has great gluten-free food options for its customers who want a healthy breakfast or dinner.

  1. Poki Poki Cevicheria:

Dishes served at the restaurant are inspired from Hawaiian and Latin style of cooking. The restaurant offers customizable poke bowls which combine various ingredients to create a nice and fulfilling meal. Customers can create their own meal by selecting the type of rice, curry, toppings, sauce and drinks to be served along with the main cuisine. The poke bowl concept is unique and attracts lot of tourists. The surroundings are clean with the walls covered with beautiful paintings. Moreover, the atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing.

  1. P.F. Chang’s:

The restaurant serves the best Margaritas which are unparalleled and cannot be duplicated by any other restaurant in town. Customers who visit the restaurant are mesmerized by the amazing interiors curated professionally by the owner. Soups are prepared using authentic Vietnamese style of cooking. Every item is prepared using by hand even the hand rolled sushi which is loved by one and all. Overall a nice restaurant with a family friendly vibe.

Out of all the above restaurants mentioned above, one must surely visit P.F. Chang’s which is a great Thai restaurant in Albuquerque. It is a great fast food chain which attracts local folk and even tourists who love to taste Authentic Thai dishes.

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