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What is hosting??

Host begins with the word “host” which has different meanings that you are familiar with. Hosting means providing space for your website on the web hosting company’s servers web hosting in canada and enabling it to be viewed on the Internet and floating.

Why might you need a one-time host?

Imagine that you have created a website and now you are wondering how your friends and acquaintances can see it. You keep it in your personal computer, but then you  realize that it is a threat to the security of your computer and it needs a permanent internet connection. So it causes you a lot of trouble. Website hosting to avoid them.

There are different types of website hosting. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  1. Shared or virtual hosting
  2. Dedicated hosting / server, shared location
  3. VDS / VPS – Virtual Dedicated Server / Virtual Private Server

It is important to consider before choosing any type of web hosting
The way you use it.

Free shared hosting

If you want to host something non-profit or use your personal website free basic hosting will be more profitable. If you are a junior website builder or if you want to try out a new ID and don’t want to pay, this type of website hosting is a logical choice. But of course. You don’t have to worry about providing adequate seating conditions such as adequate bandwidth and disk space.

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